Sunday, Feb 10, 2019

Hi, Opeyemi here.

We are making some big changes to SharedBox (hint: ticketing site and support; gmail, outlook, Yahoo and custom domain email support). You might have even noticed this already. One of the things we are also starting is a tiny weekly newsletter that will share links (maximum of 5) to articles, tweet(s) and tools on business, team work and productivity. If you’d rather not be subscribed to the digest, kindly click here to unsubscribe.

Here is the first issue and what subsequent versions will look like.


Stop excusing yourself for being bad at things. You can be good at anything you are willing to set your mind to and practice (a lot).

Justin Kan (cofounded Twitch) shared this awesome thread on how you too can make the choice to improve at things you’re bad at. It includes conversations around public speaking, programming, management, fitness, business strategy and mental wellbeing. Check it out. #tweet


"It's been a LONG time since I fell in love with an app like Notion." - David Pierce, Wall Street Journal, Personal Tech Columnist

One tool I'm really in love with at the moment and highly recommend is Notion. It is an all-in-one workspace for your notes, calendar, tasks, spreadsheets and knowledge-base. It's just so awesome. Makes collaboration amongst team members a piece of cake. #tools


…somehow or other, you need to own equity in something, instead of just selling your time. Time only scales linearly….The best way to make things that increase rapidly in value is by making things people want at scale.

Sam Altman (president Y Combinator) shared 13 tips on How To Be Successful. It sounds cliché but they are quite amazing tips. #posts


Wealth can be a measure of success, as seems to be in the case of someone like Bill Gates, who has invested heavily in philanthropy. But it’s not the only way to measure success, nor is it the best one.

Sahil Lavingia (founder Gumroad) talked about reaching a place of acceptance on his failure to build a billion-dollar company. It's also a story about how, sometimes, a change in perspective is what is really needed to reach that place of inner peace. Long read but totally worth it. #posts

That’s it for the week. Enjoy your weekend. See you next week. 👋

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