Sunday, Feb 24, 2019

Issue 3 ✨


Brands are riding the organic stories wave. Stories ads are the next frontier.

If you've not seen it, Buffer’s State of Social 2019 is a should-see. I have to give it to Facebook (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp) for dominating all the channels for engagement. Not like I was expecting otherwise anyway. By the way, can you guess what people considered the most important aspect when creating and publishing a piece of content? #reports


Having separate work and life contexts helps you focus on each.

Sam Soffes wrote a beautiful piece on Work-Life Balance. This; is the dream life. We have to agree it may not be this easy for everyone though. (Juxtapose the post with Natalie Nagele’s The founder hustle. #posts


If step one in building an audience is to create great content, step two is to endure long enough to get noticed.

Nathan Barry (ConvertKit) wrote about enduring long enough to get noticed. Don’t forget the "create great content" part. Very important. It’s important you are working on the right thing; churning out good content. Enduring on what no one wants is a waste of time. #posts


Every two weeks, starting in 2019, we’ll read one of the books most recommended by startup founders, tech pioneers and indie makers.

If reading is your thing and you need book recommendations and motivation, check out John’s The Startup Book Club. I’m a member and recommend it. (Yet to catch up on all the books so far though 😑) #tools

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Enjoy the new week.

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