Sunday, Feb 17, 2019

Issue 2 here. Let's get to it.


While G Suite’s user base is growing more quickly than Office 365’s, at 116% year over year, our survey found that 67% of survey respondents still prefer Microsoft Word over Google Docs.

Check out the 2019 (fifth) edition of Okta's Businesses @ Work. Businesses @ Work report is "an in-depth look into how organizations and people work today — exploring workforces and customers, and the applications and services they use to be productive". Don't forget to check out the People @ Work section of the report. Fun fact: keeping up with emails and messages is the third top productivity killer. Guess what #1 and #2 are.#reports

2. equity in a successful business is also not a reward for loyalty or important work - it's a reward for risk takers and people who can afford it

Dominic Monn makes a case for profit sharing as a way to reward loyalty and growth over equity. Short and insightful read. By the way, check out the Basecamp Employee Handbook. You will definitely pick one or two things there. #posts


…people would shrug and say that luck is simply out of your hands. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't. But perhaps there's more to it than that.

Marc Andreessen talks about The four kinds of luck and how enterpreneurs can increase their chances. It's an old post but golden. #posts


"What are the apps that make you a better person?"

Interesting replies to @SaraJChipps question on Twitter. Lots of Headspace mention. I should check and see what they are doing well. (You can also see replies + quotes here) #tweet

You've reached the end of this issue. I'll save the rest for next week. 😉

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