Sunday, April 7, 2019

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Ready for the week? Issue 9 here, let's go.

1. Why Setting Ambitious Goals Backfires

Brendan Schwartz (Wistia) writes that setting unambitious goals is better than ones that lay just beyond the rational limits of what's possible. The presented arguments and points are interesting, but I'd say you should test and see what works for your own organisation. #posts

It's become accepted as conventional wisdom that people are most motivated when their goals are "stretch" goals — targets that lay just beyond the rational limits of what's possible. But at Wistia, we've found the opposite

2. Always Ask Why Five Times

Interesting comic by Pablo Stanley on the Five whys. #posts

It consists of repeatedly asking the question "why?" until you get to the source of a problem.You could also use this technique to better understand a design decision… or to drive people insane.

3. The 7 Step Onboarding Process to Get Employees Fully Ramped In 2 Weeks

Here is a good list by Marie Prokopets (FYI) on getting new hires in and up in no time. The steps are well explained and I see this as something that will work for any team or organisation. #posts

The stronger the bonds are and the more excitement there is about the new role, the more likely it is that the new hire joins your team.


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