Monday, April 1, 2019

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Issue 8 here, so let’s go.

1. Don’t solve the problem

Claire Lew explains why jumping in to solve the problem is not what a great manager should do. She also offers some questions that can be asked to help others solve problems instead. #posts

...your role as a manager is not to solve problems. It’s to help others solve problems, themselves.

2. After years of intensive analysis, Google found the key to good teamwork is being nice

Google spent several years and interviewed over 100 teams at the company to know what the secret to building a more productive team is. [Insert project’s name joke here]. Now you know one more thing to add to your company’s value. #posts

...the best teams respect one another’s emotions and are mindful that all members should contribute to the conversation equally

3. Buffer’s Gender Pay Gap in 2019: Examining Salaries, Factors, Solutions

In advance to Equal Pay Day (April 12), Buffer takes a look at its gender pay gap. While the post details the gap and what had been the cause, it also mentions things the company is doing to close the gap. Some really good insights there. #posts

We know women are more likely to apply apply for jobs or promotions only when they can be sure they hit 100% of the criteria (while men are fine with 60% or so), so we analyze every job description to make sure we’re only including what’s truly necessary.


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