Sunday, March 17, 2019

How was the last week? And hope you are pumped up for the new week? I had to send another update email to SharedBox users after the last issue because we changed the way composing new emails work. Please take a look if you haven't.

Now, let's get on with issue 6.


All the free resources and templates you need to get work done in one place

The awesome team at FYI compiled 251 free resources and templates for product management (growth, planning, roadmap, etc). You should check it out. (One of my favs: Product Hunt’s product requirement doc). #tools


If I build something again, it’s more important that it’s around something near-and-dear to my heart…I’ve found that it’s better if I’m more personally invested in a tool that I’m working on

Garrett Dimon wrote about things he would change and leave the same if were to start bootstrapping a new SaaS application. Even though he disclaimed he wouldn’t advise this formula for everyone, I found them to be really good. Confirm yourself. #posts


What the data shows — and *what the leaders we spoke to from brands at the forefront said*— isn’t that retail is failing nor that success is tied to innovation for innovation’s sake. Instead, it points to the now unignorable center of commerce: customer choice.

Shopify published 10 Insights on the evolution of e-commerce. It details the future of e-commerce and retail for 2019 and beyond. If you are into or interested in e-commerce, you should check it out. #reports


My manager who is an executive, keeps telling me“ don’t talk like an engineer, talk like a leader”…How do I develop or change the way I talk as a leader

If you are interested in this type of conversation, see the discussion thread How to speak like a leader, not like an engineer on HN. It’s lengthy (+200 comments) but there are many gems there. I didn’t make it through everything myself. #discussion


Move fast and break things’ isn’t a worthy slogan…because ‘breaking things’ isn’t the point of your work.

Seth Godin doesn’t agree to the “break things” part of the “Move fast and break things” slogan. For me, I think what’s important is the meaning and not the slogan itself. It’s a 1 min read, so you be the judge. #posts


The end.

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