Sunday, March 3, 2019

Welcome to a new month. Issue 4 here. Woop! Woop!!


What makes developer content stand out is how much of the focus is on creating artifacts that are authentic, relevant, and relatable

Remember how last week I emphasized creating great content in enduring long enough to get noticed? Well, Stephanie Morillo wrote a good post about 7 Common Content Marketing Mistakes Developers Make and How to Avoid Them. #posts


88% increase in application library vulnerabilities over two years

If you are into Open Source or use any Open Source solution (I bet you do), you should read Synk's open source security report for 2019. The bad news? XSS and SQL injection attacks are still a big deal. #reports


We wanted to re-benchmark salaries for all roles by comparing our current pay to the market in order to ensure our pay is keeping up with market trends.

Buffer has always been transparent with salaries (among other things). You should check out recent changes to their salary formula. If you've not been following the transparent salary series, the post includes links to previous posts you should also see. Another company making changes to her salary structure? Gitlab. And you should read about it too. #posts


...write down some "core" words that are related to what you're doing, then mix it up with either a prefix or suffix...permutate

Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) posted a short thread on how to create a brand [name]. Simple, useful steps I've used a couple of times. For a start, don't worry too much about a .com though. There are many other good domain name extensions you can get started with. #tweet

And we've reached the end of this issue. Expect update email about changes to SharedBox during the week. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter. See you next week.

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