Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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I'm curating simple one-function Slack tools. If you know any, please send my way. By the way, if you haven't, check out spri.me, a tool we built to archive multiple Slack channels easily.

Issue 13 here.

1. How do you build something people want?

Here is a beautiful post by Justin Jackson on how to build products people want. Hint: it’s a combination of more things than one. My biggest take away from the post is that the market you target matters. If the market is small, then no matter your effort, you may not grow enough. #posts

The size of the market you target will be a significant multiplier of your business’ success. You can’t make a living off every niche. Some are just too small. Your niche should be narrowly defined, but sizeable in numbers.

2. State of Messaging 2019

Lots of interesting insight in this report on the state of messaging by Smooch. I really love the stats in this one. 10B messages are exchanged between people and businesses each month on Messenger alone? Amazing! #reports

Reading through the reflections in this report reveals two overwhelming sentiments. The first is that industry insiders are bullish about messaging and its potential to deliver a more personal, convenient and consistent customer experience. The second is that many remain frustrated that the conversational future hasn’t come fast enough.

3. What SaaS product do you pay for that you like the least?

I enjoyed reading the replies to this question by Hiten Shah on Twitter. It’s interesting to see the love/hate relationship users have with many products. I can see a lot of Intercom there. If you are looking for ideas on what to build, maybe this is a good place to start? #tweet

Interesting to see the top replies here: - Intercom - Zendesk - Salesforce - Atlassian (JIRA & Confluence)

4. Curated collection of free tools and resources from the fastest growing companies

If only for comparing the values of the listed companies, this is a good collection worth checking out. #tools

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