Monday, April 29, 2019

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Still trying to get over Game of thrones S08E03. Totally epic!

How is the new week shaping up? Ready for the new month? Issue 11 here, let’s do this.

1. Should we always charge more?

Last week, I shared Josh’s thread about [Saas] decisions, including charging more. This is an even more detailed post from Justin Jackson (Transistor) on if to charge more or not. #posts

The only way to know for sure? Seek to understand your customers better, give them as much value as you can, and then, test your pricing.

2. Stop worrying about your competitors

I really love this post on worrying about competitors. Chances are that whatever business you run, you have a competitor. Sammy Abdullah explains what and what not to worry about when it comes to that. #posts

In summary, it’s valuable to understand where your competitors are, but it really won’t and shouldn’t change the way you run your business, so don’t obsess over it.

3. My Billion Dollar Mistake

Hiten Shah (FYI) wrote an honest post on mistakes he made as cofounder of KISSmetrics. Very insightful post. It also mentions few things about competitors buttressing some of the things you’ll see in the post above. #posts

The winning product process is based on continuous innovation. It’s based on focus and planning. Continuous unbiased research and goal-focused development.


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